Work Issues

Historically, work-related stress was perceived to be a problem only in jobs with high pressure and low pay, such as teaching and social services. Today, this is no longer the case; work-related stress has become an epidemic spreading like wildfire.

Nowadays, we spend more time at the office than any other place. Therefore, it would make sense that the content of our work, our work environment, and the people with whom we work, combined in various ways, can add a significant amount of stress to our lives. Apart from physical problems, work-related stress can lead to poor job performance, accidents on the job, termination, and violence. Organizations lose an estimated $200 billion a year in stress-related accidents, lost productivity, absenteeism, and medical insurance costs. Many of us have become so accustomed to being in a permanent "fast-forward" mode, we do not even realize that we are significantly stressed out.

Here are some sources of work related stress:

External Factors:

Internal Factors:

Symptoms of Work-Related Stress:

Physical symptoms

Emotional, mental or behavioral symptoms:

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